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Portfolio of Fiction

A Soshi Collection

Breath (full story pdf)
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Bared to You
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

It's harder than dying, I never got to tell you.

“Have you found out her location, yet?”

“We’re sorry, ma’am. We’re having a hard time tracking her down. She seemed to be changing her residence every few weeks or so.”

“Please inform me once you get a hold of her. I want to see her.”

“Will do, ma’am.”

Taeyeon simply observed the men leaving her presence. Her coffee had gone cold. She had been determined on bringing her wife’s sister back, but a certain part of her wished Krystal wouldn’t come home.

‘Krystal couldn’t know.’ Taeyeon thought as she dialed a number on her phone.

“Hello? Yes. This is Taeyeon. Have you salvaged the papers? Oh, thank you. Make sure nobody knows of it. Hmm. I’ll send the amount to your account. Bye.”

She took a sip of her drink, tasting the bittersweet tang it brought to her mouth before she chugged it all down. Setting her empty cup on the table, Taeyeon strode out of the café and ventured into the cold streets.

Memories flooded her mind as she settled upon an empty bench near the bus stop. Memories of her discovery back then…


Taeyeon had watched from afar. She had given Jessica the permission to sort things out with her younger sister, to help Krystal cope with the turmoil within her. Taeyeon watched as Jessica tried acting normal in her sister’s presence, as if Krystal hadn’t confessed to her and kissed her.

Krystal remained mum, unmoved by her older sibling’s efforts to keep their bonds intact. Taeyeon could only empathize with her. The Kim moved from her spot under the tree and strode toward the sisters, intent on lightening Krystal’s mood.

“Soojung!” Taeyeon waved, startling the youngest Jung.

“U-Unnie…” Krystal croaked, surprise clearly written on her face.

“Hi to you, too. What have you both been up to?” Taeyeon asked, her eyes shifting between two sisters, gaze lingering on Jessica’s pleading look before they settled on Krystal.

“Nothing, unnie.” Krystal shrugged.

“Well, since you’re not doing anything, how about we go to my house and watch some movies?” Taeyeon suggested.

Her invitation lifted the Jung sisters’ spirits and Taeyeon inwardly chuckled in victory. She’ll leave the two sisters in the room, of course, while she naps in the guest room. Yes, that was her plan. She’ll have Krystal back to normal with Jessica so that she and the older Jung would be able to settle down.


Taeyeon shook herself from her reverie, a soft giggle coming out of her lips as she recalled her mistake. That move made matters worse. Taeyeon closed her eyes as she sat alone on the bench, tuning out the world around her.

She remembered hearing Jessica’s scream rising over the muffled sounds of the television in her own room. Taeyeon’s curiosity had taken over her back then, when she shouldn’t have. And she had regretted planning something to make the sisters reconcile, only to have it backfire when she opened the door and found Krystal straddling her lover on her own bed; Jessica was in tears, pleading for her sister to stop pushing her away, pleading for her old Krystal to return. Krystal, herself had been in tears, tightening her grip on Jessica’s wrists as sobs overcame her.

The Kim had cautiously taken Krystal off of her own sister, releasing soothing words in Krystal’s ear, words that killed Krystal little by little.

“Soojung, breathe. You’re going to be okay. Please, stop hurting your sister. She’s trying her best to get you back on track.” Taeyeon called to mind the words she whispered into Krystal’s ear as she held the younger Jung back, away from her very own sister.

It had pacified Krystal back then and Taeyeon could still remember Krystal breaking down in her arms, soaking her shirt with the maknae’s tears. And Taeyeon could never forget the words that Krystal had said amidst her sobs, “I… Hate… You… Unnie. I-I hate y-you f-for taking m-my sis-ter a-way.”

Taeyeon recalled stiffening after those spiteful words, but the deed with Jessica had been done and Krystal had taken the fall.

The Kim still soothed the youngest despite the hatred Krystal had expressed to her until sleep had overtaken Krystal. Jessica had curled up on Taeyeon’s bed, eyes swollen and red after having dealt with her younger sister’s outburst. Taeyeon had gently settled Krystal down on the bed, beside Jessica, who took her sister into her arms, tears welling up once more as she whispered her apologies to the sleeping girl. And that night, when both Jungs had fallen asleep on her bed, Taeyeon had realized what huge a mistake that she and Jessica had made as she laid awake on the cot plopped beside her own bed.

The discovery of a document had Taeyeon shaking with fear when she brought the Jungs back to their house the next morning. She remembered pocketing the piece of paper just in time when Jessica had come looking for her, finding the Kim inside Mr. Jung’s study. Taeyeon had been a frequent visitor of Mr. Jung’s office for it had a vast collection of books that the Kim had adored reading.


“Yes?” Taeyeon had turned, meeting her lover’s gaze as Jessica strode into her father’s office.

“What’s wrong? You look pale. Did you read that horror book again?”

“I’m fine, Sooyeon. It’s just that I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Oh, come here, Taengoo.” Jessica pulled her by the wrist, leading them both out of the study and across the hall where the Jung siblings’ bedrooms were situated. “Let’s sleep in my room.”

Taeyeon squeezed her girlfriend’s hand, pulling Jessica back. “Sica… I’m tired. I want to sleep in my bed.” Taeyeon feigned yawning in hopes that she could convince the eldest Jung daughter.

Jessica frowned, sensing something suspicious with Taeyeon’s behavior. “Are you going to be okay? Would you want me to accompany you?”

Taeyeon smiled, shaking her head. “I’ll be fine, Sooyeon. You should tend to Soojung first. I’ll drop by later tonight.” The Kim assured her as she took a step closer to Jessica and planted her lips on the eldest Jung’s forehead.

Jessica captured Taeyeon’s lips before she sent Taeyeon through the front door. Taeyeon unraveled the paper she hid in her pocket once she had gotten to her room. Her hands trembled as she read through the document she stole from Mr. Jung’s study.

It was an adoption paper.

‘No. This couldn’t be…’

It killed Taeyeon inside.


Breathing, waking up every day, barely getting through each day.

Krystal dragged herself through her routines, eyes lifeless and tired. She felt like a zombie walking about aimlessly in a cruel world. The day had passed like a breath and soon, she found herself sitting at the bar, drowning over a shot of liquor. Such was her typical day and it always ended with her spending the night with someone she barely knew.

The morning that followed would repeat once more. She would wake up noticing the absence of her companion for the night. Then, she would lead her miserable self to the shower and from there, her mindless routine would replay itself. It had been the same routine ever since she had landed on this side of the planet and despite its tedious repetitions; Krystal had never felt more alive…

…Or so she thought.


Jessica had opened her eyes to find herself in a warm, calming embrace. Those arms weren’t strangers to her and they have never failed to provide her with comfort ever since she got acquainted with them. The other person’s bare body was pressed against her, protecting her from the cold world. Yes, Jessica was protected from everything. Everything but her inner turmoil.

Ever since Krystal had kissed her that fateful day, Jessica’s mind and heart had been torn in half. She felt responsible for Krystal. That simple kiss initiated by her younger sister lit a spark that battled against another flame within her.

Jessica remembered telling Taeyeon about it, back when they were twenty and Krystal was fifteen.



“Yes, Sica?”

“Soojung confessed to me.”

“About what?”

“She said she loves me. Not the sisterly love kind, but you know, like how we love each other?”

“When did this happen?”

“Just a few hours before you came, Taengoo…and…”


“S-She… She k-kissed m-me…on…the…lips.”

Jessica watched as Taeyeon’s eyes widened at her. “WHAT?!” Taeyeon exclaimed, unable to contain her shock. Jessica placed both hands on her lover’s shoulders, prompting Taeyeon to relax, “It’s fine, Taengoo. She left me after that. She didn’t say anything right after the kiss.”

“I need to talk to her.” Taeyeon abruptly stood from her seat on Jessica’s bed, but Jessica pulled her back down.

“No. Don’t. She’s hurt, Taengoo.”

Taeyeon blinked, then frowned.

A sigh left Jessica’s lips as she explained, “We didn’t tell her about our relationship. And as we grew up, she had developed feelings for me. We didn’t know. I didn’t know until she told me. We shouldn’t have kept it from her.”

“But, Sooyeon… I don’t think our parents would like the idea of us being like this… Isn’t this the reason why we kept everything under wraps?”

“I-I know, Taengoo, but we shouldn’t have kept this from Soojung. She’s our baby sister, remember?”

At this, Taeyeon ruffled her hair in frustration. She allowed herself to lay down on Jessica’s bed as a sigh left her lips. “What do we do, Sooyeon-ah?”

Jessica snuggled up to Taeyeon as she laid herself right next to the older one, “I don’t know, Taengoo. I don’t really know what to do.”

The Jung felt deep long breaths coming from the person next to her before Taeyeon spoke, “We should take care of Soojung more. I think you should spend more time with her. It’ll probably help her overcome this phase she’s going through.”

Jessica looked up to meet her lover’s contemplative gaze, “Would that be all right with you?”

Taeyeon smiled at Jessica, “I still get to spend weekend nights with you over at my house, don’t I? You can make up for our losses on those times.”

Jessica smiled before she tackled Taeyeon in a tight hug and kissed her senseless. The couple didn’t realize that this decision would lead to the ruin of their relationship with the youngest Jung.


“Sooyeon-ah…” The groggy voice awakened Jessica from her reverie.

Jessica turned to face her lover, only to meet an exhausted pair of eyes. Jessica cupped her loved one’s face before brushing her lover’s forelocks away from her face.

“Sooyeon, what happened… before… I came home?” It was more a plea than a real question. Her loved one was asking her to open up.

“I-It’s nothing, dear.” Jessica said before she pressed her lips against chapped ones, “I-I was-”

“It’s not nothing, Sooyeon. Tell me, was it Soojung? You hadn’t cried like that since your sister left without a word.” Sooyeon’s lover interjected, her dark pools staring right into Sooyeon’s soul.

“Oh, Taengoo…” Jessica muttered before she buried herself in Taeyeon’s embrace, her sobs ringing through the now silent room as their bare bodies entwined.

Taeyeon’s heart ached at her wife’s distress. Her thoughts wandered to the missing sister, one which she and Jessica had lost.

‘Soojung, please come home.’ Taeyeon silently prayed. ‘We need you…’


It was so hurtful.


“Yes, Krys? Is something wrong?”

“I came home late last night and noticed that Taeyeon-unnie was over, but I couldn’t find you two. Where’d you go and why didn’t you turn on the house lights? I could barely find my way through the foyer.”

“Oh, Taeyeon and I forgot to turn the lights on when we got home. We stayed inside my room since we were busy with assignments and things to study for the test this afternoon. Taeyeon decided to spend the night here since she easily gets bored of studying and she wanted to accompany us while mom and dad are away.”

“Sooyeon and I were preoccupied with schoolwork that we even forgot to eat dinner last night. Sorry, for worrying you, Soojung.”

“I-It’s, uhm, it’s okay, unnies. I-I was surprised when you both came down for breakfast. I thought you both slept over at Taeyeon-unnie’s house and had just left your shoes here. The two of you often do that to scare me, you know…”

“Don’t be silly, Krys. Taeyeon and I wouldn’t do such a thing to you. We’re not that mean, you know.”

“Yeah, Soojung. We care about you and the reason why we pull pranks on you is because we love you so much. You’re our daughter, remember?”

“R-Right… Tae-Taeyeon-APPA…”

“Hahaha! That’s right, Soojung-ie. Now, let’s eat breakfast before we rush off to school.”

“Taengoo, can you pass me some of the pancakes?”

“Here you go, dear. Say ‘ah’…”

“Yah, just hand me a piece. You don’t have to treat me like a baby, Taengoo.”

“Nu-uh, I want to feed you, Jagiya. Now, open your mouth…”

“You’re embarrassing me in front of my sister.”

“What? I’m not. Right, Soojung?”

“Uhm, uh, no…”

“Kim Taeyeon, you’re being cheesy and stop dragging my sister into this. Now, hand me my pancake.”

“Stop arguing with me. I want to feed you.”

“Hmph… Fine!”

“U-Unnies… I’ll head out first. Thank you for making breakfast, Taeyeon-unnie.”

“Do you want me to drive you to school, Krys? I’ll be real quick with breakfast if this midget over here would stop messing around.”

“Hey, I was just being a good friend…anyway, we should send Soojung to school. It’s on the way to ours, anyway.”

“I-It’s okay, unnies. I-I can take the bus.”

“Krys, are you all right? Why are you stuttering?”

“It’s n-nothing, Jessica-unnie.”

“Are you sure, Soojung? You don’t look good.”


“I saw you, unnie.”


“I saw what happened with you last night.”


“How could you do that?”

“Soojung, T-Taeyeon and I were just…”

“Just what, unnie?”

“I… W-We...”

“Tell me honestly, unnie. What exactly did you do last night?”

Krystal’s quizzical stare was boring into Jessica, making the older Jung squirm under her scrutiny. The reply that Krystal had been anticipating was barely a whisper, “It’s what you saw last night, Soojung.”

“Then, tell me, unnie. What was it that I had seen last night?” Krystal was getting frustrated.

“I – Taeyeon and I h-had s-sex for the f-first t-time.” Jessica’s voice was hushed. Her voice trailed off at the last few words.

Krystal’s heart ached at her sister’s confession. Her brows furrowed. “How could you, unnie!” It sounded like an accusation, making Jessica confused at her sister’s reaction.

“S-Soojung, I-I…” Jessica swallowed the lump in her throat before continuing with her explanation, “T-Taeyeon a-and I, w-we were dating for t-two years now.”

The sudden revelation surprised Soojung. Her face paled upon knowing that her close friend and her sister were in a relationship behind her back. They didn’t even tell her after all those times. She felt betrayed by those closest to her.

“Then, what becomes of me, unnie?” Krystal asked.

Jessica hesitantly cupped her sister’s cheek. “You’re still our baby - our baby sister that we will protect forever. We still love you, Soojung. Nothing changes that.”

“Just a baby?” Krystal muttered, “So, I’m nothing but a sister, huh…”

“But you are MY sister, Soojung.” Jessica found herself getting more confused. She met Krystal’s eyes and found them darkened with desire.

“Unnie…” Krystal’s voice was husky, almost a whisper, “I love you…”

Before Jessica could respond, Krystal captured her lips with her own. Jessica’s eyes widened at the bold move. She didn’t respond when Krystal nibbled against her lower lip, she was too stunned to react to what was going on.

After what seemed like a moment, Krystal pulled away, eyes teary as she smiled sadly, “I love you and I’m sorry.” Then, she turned and ran up the stairs and into her room, leaving a baffled Jessica in her wake.


If tears drop like this, even the memories that I cherish don't know what to do.

Krystal woke up to find the other side of her bed, vacant. When she recalled what had transpired the previous night, an unsettling feeling crept up her spine. Taking a peek at the clock, she resigned to her daily routine as she bunched up her comforter, wrapping it around her bare form before she sauntered to the bathroom.

As the warm water embraced her tired form, Krystal remembered her days with Jessica, her sister, and their close friend, Kim Taeyeon. It had been a lovely and adventurous childhood. And as Krystal reminisced those happy moments, hot tears began to trail down her cheeks.

‘Why did they come to this point?’


“Unnies, let’s play!” Krystal chirped as she approached the two bigger girls who were sitting on their neighbor’s porch.

A soft smile appeared on Jessica’s face as the five-year-old Krystal sat on her lap with Krystal’s forehead touching hers. “Please, pretty please?” Krystal cupped both of her older sister’s cheeks, leveling her eyes with Jessica’s.

Jessica couldn’t resist her younger sister and with a wide smile on her face, she consented. “All right, Baby Jung. What do you want to play?”

“Let’s play house!” Krystal exclaimed while flailing her arms, almost falling backwards if it weren’t for Jessica’s quick grip on her sister’s waist to balance the excited girl on her lap.

Taeyeon chortled at Krystal’s actions, “We always play house, Baby Jung.”

Jessica’s younger sister turned to their neighbor’s daughter, her eyes filled with a five-year-old’s innocence, “But I like playing house.”

“Why?” Jessica asked and Taeyeon scooted closer to her in order to listen to the youngest Jung’s reason.

“Because you, unnies, become mommy and daddy.” Krystal replied with a cheeky grin, not noticing the flush of the older girls’ cheeks. “I like Mommy Jessi and Daddy Taeng.”

Little did Krystal know that her reason would light a spark within Taeyeon and Jessica. She only got to find out about it when they grew older.


Ten years had passed and fifteen-year-old Krystal just got home from school. She found the house devoid of life as she entered their foyer. Her parents had gone to their family’s main house leaving her and Jessica to mind their home. Of course, the Jungs would ask their neighbors, the Kims, to check on their girls from time to time.

It was already six in the evening when Krystal got home and she was surprised to find the house eerily quiet. “Wasn’t unnie supposed to be home by now?” Krystal muttered to herself as she turned on the lights and took in her surroundings. It was not until Krystal took off her shoes that she noticed two other pairs already occupying their family’s shoe closet near the doorway. Confusion etched over the youngest Jung’s face.

So, her older sister was actually home and Jessica had company. Judging by the shoes, a white high-cut Converse pair, Krystal knew that Jessica was with Taeyeon and they’re somewhere inside the house, probably inside the eldest Jung daughter’s bedroom where Krystal would always find them either sleeping or studying together.

An idea popped in Krystal’s mind. She’s going to get back at those two for the crazy prank they pulled on her yesterday, which made Krystal end up shivering and soaked to the bone. Now, it was her turn to repay the two older girls for the mischief they caused her.  

Krystal scurried upstairs to find Jessica’s bedroom closed. She tiptoed closer to her sister’s room and placed her ear on the wooden door. There were muffled sounds coming from the other side of the door and Krystal concluded that it was her sister and their close friend, Taeyeon, who often frequented the house. The youngest Jung had planned on surprising the two girls by jumping into the room and screaming bloody murder.

Anticipating her older friends’ reactions, Krystal slowly and discreetly turned the door knob before taking a peek into the room. She was about to burst through the door when she witnessed something unexpected inside the room. Through the small crack of the door she opened, Krystal saw her sister lying on the bed with their neighbor’s daughter hovering over Jessica.

Krystal’s mouth went agape when Taeyeon suddenly crashed her lips on Jessica, the kiss nothing short of passionate and sensual. Krystal placed a hand over her mouth to keep herself from emitting a sound as she watched the two older girls slip off each other’s clothes. She couldn’t bear to stay and witness the scene inside the room when Taeyeon slipped her finger inside Jessica, earning an almost shriek from the elder Jung. Krystal’s face paled when she saw crimson staining her sister’s sheet after Taeyeon introduced herself into Jessica.

That moment became the subject of Krystal’s nightmares for the days that followed and she couldn’t look at Jessica and Taeyeon the same way ever again. Krystal felt a part of herself dying after seeing her sister and their neighbor lose their youth and innocence to each other on that fateful night.



Before I got to ask if you are struggling or where you are, my tears were dropping.

Jessica felt tears staining her cheeks. She laid still, bared and vulnerable. She tried minimizing her movements. The heaving of her chest ached as she tried muffling her sobs, concealing them from the person sleeping beside her. An arm snaked over her naked waist, pulling her closer to the other person’s warmth. She held her breath.


She closed her eyes.


She managed an even breath. Slow. Slowly exhale, yes, let your muscles relax. That’s it, Jessica. Now, breathe, take in what oxygen you need.


Exhale. And she found herself relaxed. The arm remained around her waist, the other person’s fingers flat against her bare abdomen. Her partner’s heaving chest and beating heart coaxed her to sleep.

‘Sleep, Jessica.’ They sang, ‘You’re tired. I’m tired. Let’s rest. We’re aching all over. Forget about your thoughts. Forget about her.’

And it was then that thoughts of another person awakened her mind. A particular face came into view as her brain’s gears turned, painting a picture of someone she held dear. And still did.

Krystal Jung.

Oh, Krystal…

Like a switch, her eyes’ floodgates opened and renewed tears fell in torrents. How could this happen to her? To them? Why did this happen?

Jessica could only muster a quiet sob as she squinted, further closing her eyes shut. No tears please. No more. It was our fault. We did this to her. We sent Krystal away. We made her run away and we didn’t bother to get her back.

She and I were guilty. And now, we can only hope that she’s doing well. We both deserve this torment.

Jessica cried silently and she felt the arm on her waist tighten at her quiet sobs. The other person was aware of her feelings. The hand on her stomach travelled upwards to her shoulder, pulled her to turn and face her partner. Jessica weakly fought back the tugging, but soon relented when she lost the energy. She was met with melancholic eyes, those eyes who only saw her despite her sister’s love for this woman. And this bitter truth made Jessica break into sobs as the other person embraced her.

“Shh… Breathe, Jessica. Breathe.”

And Jessica found herself conceding to the instructions. Inhale. Exhale. Shallow breaths were taken and broken by the rebellious sobs that made their presence profound.

Jessica cried herself to sleep that night, unnerved by the concerned eyes that remained locked on her miserable form.


Tri-Angle: The Reality

2 - Date

“Tim, let’s go on that one!” Jessica pointed to the Ferris Wheel, a classic choice for someone who didn’t want any heart-stopping and stomach-churning ride.

Timothy, who had been itching for some cool rides, furrowed his brows at the ride looming over them. A pair of hands cupped his cheeks before he could cast a glare towards the gargantuan wheel. They guided his face to meet a pair of lovely brown orbs, finding himself gazing right into those reflective irises as he saw himself in those mesmerizing eyes – the eyes that only saw him.

“Please…” Jessica mustered her cutest pout as she trapped Timothy in her spell, her hands still cupping his face to keep him from escaping her trap.

Timothy simply smiled, his eyes curving into inverted crescents as he flashed his perfect set of pearly whites.

Two could play at this game.

“Jessi…” Timothy mused, his voice seductively husky for Jessica to handle. “Let’s save that for last, shall we?”

A pout was returned to him.

“Hey, don’t give me that look.” Timothy said, still maintaining his eye smile. “We can try out the merry-go-round or the love boats.”

Jessica’s pout disappeared into a hard line, an eye brow raised, silently demanding Timothy of a good enough reason why they should save the ride on the gigantic wheel for their last event for the day.

A sigh escaped Timothy’s lips before he held his girlfriend’s hands which had been keeping his face warm for the longest time, “Jessi, I’m planning something to surprise you later on and I don’t want to spoil it. So, please, can we just take the other rides and keep that one for last?”

Jessica’s eyes sparkled at the mention of surprise. Timothy chuckled at his adorable girlfriend’s sudden shift of mood. It’s always amused him to witness his girlfriend’s mood swings.


The night was looming over the amusement park and as the crowds dispersed from the recreation venue, a couple remained still before the huge Ferris Wheel. They were planning on taking the last ride up to the very peak where one could have a bird’s eye view of the whole part and even the city.

“Tim, what happens when we get to the top?” Jessica asked as her eyes remained on the huge infrastructure.

“I get to kiss you senseless, babe.” Timothy cheekily replied, smiling at his girlfriend all the while.

It earned him a punch to the shoulder, quite a hard impact from a petite young woman, too.

“Hey, why the violent one?” Timothy complained, his free hand rubbing his shoulder.

Jessica turned to him with a smug grin, “You asked for it.”

“No, I didn’t.” Timothy argued before whispering into his girlfriend’s ear, “I was asking for a kiss instead.”

A blush crept up Jessica’s cheeks and Timothy reveled in it once he noticed the reddened ears of his girlfriend, a great sign of telling someone that Jessica was embarrassed.



I was so surprised, no words came out.

Taeyeon found herself staring off into the horizon, head leaning against the window as she waited for the bus to come to its last stop for the night. Her breaths formed a misty trace on the clear glass. A sigh left her lips as she noticed the absence of stars from the night’s dark canvas.

She closed her eyes as she tried composing herself, ridding her body of the tension brought about by her workplace. Inhale. Exhale. And then, she opened her eyes, her vision taking in the sight of a familiar neighborhood. She’s finally going home after a two-day business trip away from her hometown, but then, there was a certain amount of dread creeping up the back of her spine.

But before Taeyeon could delve deeper into it, the bus halted to its final destination and Taeyeon quietly got up and tailed after the last of the passengers. The cold air welcomed her as soon as she set foot on the road and she pulled her jacket closer, hands tucked into her pockets after adjusting her bag on her shoulder. She walked in hurried steps, knowing full well that someone was waiting for her.

Taeyeon ran up to her flat’s elevator door, squeezing in at the last minute, earning raised brows and questioning looks from the elderly couple who had boarded the lift before her. She turned, bowed, and smiled sheepishly at the older passengers before she shifted her gaze toward the mirrored image of herself and her companions inside the claustrophobic space.

As the elevator dinged to the 9th floor, Taeyeon immediately sprinted out into the hall even before the lift’s doors fully opened to accommodate her. This had earned a few shakes of the remaining passengers’ heads. But Taeyeon didn’t mind. She had just wanted to reach her room and settle for a nice dinner with her. Everything seemed normal between them, perfect even, but beneath that façade of perfection laid a gloomy swirl of hurt and guilt.

Kim Taeyeon opened the door with her card key, stepping forth into the threshold as soon as the door opened for her. She scanned the foyer and found a pair of eyes staring right at her. The blaring television which sought the occupant’s attention was left unnoticed once their eyes met. Relief washed over Taeyeon’s face upon seeing the person she had longed to be with.

The other occupant stood from her seat and strode closer to the Kim.

“You’re home.”

“Glad to be.” Taeyeon smiled as she leaned forward to capture the other person’s lips. Her breath hitched when she felt the other’s hands crawl up to the back of her head, deepening the kiss. She ended up panting when they both pulled away from the passionate kiss. “Wow, that was-”

“I missed you.”

“I’m here now.” Taeyeon replied as she willed her feet to slip off her shoes without having to move too much. She could see her loved one muster a cheeky smile as she wore her room slippers. A hand found its way on Taeyeon’s own and the other person tugged her towards the dining, surprising her with a sumptuous dinner.

“Let’s eat. I know you’re hungry.” Her lover said as she led Taeyeon to her place on the table before she settled herself on the other side.

The meal was lovely and pleasant, but they both ate in comfortable silence and Taeyeon found it quite strange since her wife was usually talkative during meals. They were almost done with dinner when Taeyeon summoned the courage to ask her wife about it.

“Love, is something bothering you?”

Her wife looked up from her plate, her face masked in feigned innocence. “Nothing, darling. Why are you asking?”

“Well, I-I find it strange that your quiet during dinner.”

“But am I not usually the quiet type?”

“You are, but not around meal times.”

“I’m just hungry.” Her wife looked down, avoiding Taeyeon’s scrutiny.

“Oh, eat up, then.” Taeyeon had decided to let it go for now as she picked up pieces of meat from her own plate and placed them on her wife’s own platter. That feeling of dread and guilt crept back once more.


She had cut off her wife’s moans, locking her lips against her loved one’s own. Taeyeon straddled her, intertwining her hand with her lifetime companion.
Her wife tightened the hold, locking their fingers together as Taeyeon planted kisses down her neck and shoulder, occasionally nipping at porcelain skin, marking her territory.

A moan resounded throughout the room, urging Taeyeon to continue with her ministrations. A free hand slid over her abdomen, sensually traveling upwards to her chest. Her wife’s touches made her shiver under its sultry seduction as her wife’s fingers teased her sensitive mounds.

The well-ventilated room felt stuffy and warm, but its occupants didn’t seem to mind as they were engrossed with their intimate activities. The bed creaked as their bodies moved in rhythm with Taeyeon hovering over her, face buried against her wife’s chest. Groans escaped her wife’s lips when Taeyeon entered her core, assaulting the pleasure spots.


“Yes, love?”

“D-Do y-you l-love me?”

The question caught Taeyeon off guard that she accidentally pushed her fingers in so hard, making her wife shiver in her hold, a loud moan of pleasure leaving her lips as she reached her climax.

The room suddenly fell silent with only the sound of bated breaths disturbing the deafening silence.

Taeyeon took a deep breath as she laid herself beside her wife, facing her beloved before she moved closer to cuddle the other woman. “With all my heart, love.”

A sad smile was returned before her wife said, “Then please, let me breathe.”



‘The sound of your breath is enough for me.’

It’s me, it’s been a long time


She was greeted by silence. A frown began to form on her face as she pulled away from her phone to check on the caller. It was from an unidentified number. Who could this be?

“Hello? May I know who is calling?” She asked once more as she placed her ear against the receiver. The sound of air being blown from the other line caught her attention. It was the sound of deep, slow, and controlled breaths. She got annoyed by the silence of the caller and so, without so much as a goodbye or a warning, she ended the call.

But that sigh coming from the other line had already made its mark in her memory. Jessica Jung ended up thinking about it the whole night.


Lips quivered at the failure. Her failure. Why was it so hard for her?

Months after running away and then struggling to survive on the other side of the planet, all that effort of escaping just went down the drain after she had decided to call. But then, she knew deep inside that she would still come running back to that person just as she had a few years back.

“Why?!” She cried out, breaking the silence that loomed over her room. “Why did I call her? Why did I leave in the first place? Why did I let her go?”

And in her heart, Krystal knew the answer very well.

‘I love her, that’s why.’